Keeping Your Family Warm, Cool, and Comfortable Since 1975

At Your Leisure

How do you spend your leisure time? Relaxing by the fireplace or wood stove? Cooking on a handcrafted classic cooking stove? Taking a swim? Quilting? Believe it or not, at The Warm-Up Shop & Bernina Sewing Inc. in Williamsport, PA, we offer essentials for all of those pastimes and more!

Warm Up and Relax

Since 1975, we’ve offered the area’s biggest selection of hearth products. Over the years we’ve grown and expanded our product lines so that you have options for comfort year-round! When the cold weather eases up, we are prepared to switch gears, and sides of the store, to provide you with gorgeous swimming pools to delight your family in hot weather.

We always strive to fulfill your lifestyle needs. With that in mind, we have become a Bernina Sewing Machine dealer! For more than 120 years, Bernina products have manufactured innovative, precision sewing products. We’re proud to offer these high-quality, Swiss-made sewing machines to you.

The Warm-Up Shop

Getting Warmer…

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We offer more products and services than we can possibly describe! If you want to warm up, cool down, or just relax, come visit our store today!

Call 570.322.6302 or contact us for more info about our product lines!

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